The Cache Across America series will take you on a tour of the entire United States. In each of the 50 states there is 1 designated Cache Across America geocache for you to find. There is a 3-digit, numeric clue in each of these 50 caches that, when used in combination, will lead you to the location of the Series Final. This cache is located somewhere in Washington DC. After you find all 50 state caches and the Series Final, you have completed the series and will receive all the Rewards that are due.


In addition to the immense joy of finishing this monumental feat, you will receive 1 geocoin and 2 patches to commemorate your accomplishment. You will also have the distinct privilege of having your photo proudly displayed in the Cache Across America Hall of Fame
Completion Requirements: 

Find and log all 50 Cache Across America active geocaches that are listed on the Official Bookmark List

At each cache location add a photo of yourself into the cache page gallery when you log your find.

Collect the 3-digit codes that are located in each one of the 50 cache containers. 

​Find GC12E08, the Cache Across America - Series Final, which is located somewhere in Washington DC. Note: To solve the puzzle for this final, you must use the 3-digit codes you collected from the 50 state caches you found.

After you have completed all the above tasks, you have finished the series. Please contact one of the coordinators to inform them of your completion.
 About the Series: 

The series was created in 2006 by Blue Power Ranger.

All of the 50 state caches in the series have individual owners who maintain the cache in their respective state.

The first geocachers to complete the series and be First to Find the Series Final were ZSteve and Hopperz. They completed the series on May 26, 2007.

To date, 51 geocachers have completed the series.

In 2010 lorriebird, the 6th finisher, took over management of the series from Blue Power Ranger. Currently, lorriebird and 1st place finisher, ZSteve co-manage the series.

​The Series Final GC12E08 is maintained for Cache Across America by geocacher, flyingmoose. Since the Final Cache is very seldom visited, please contact him before taking your journey to find it.


Correspondence is done through the geocaching messenger service.

lorriebird - Series Coordinator

ZSteve - Series Coordinator
This video is of Coordinator, lorriebird as she explains all about the 
Cache Across America series on the Geocache Talk Podcast.
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