Another location-based game that geocachers like to play.
Geocaching Central
Many people who geocache also enjoy the game of Munzee.

Munzee is a location-based game played with a smartphone app where QR codes with different points values are captured to achieve game levels. Munzee is FREE to play. Millions of Munzee QR codes have been placed throughout the world by those who participate in the game. Virtual Munzees can also be found and captured for game points. 

In addition to competition, Munzee is a great source of exercise because walking is involved. For those who own a fitbit, certain Munzee badges can be earned for the amount of walking done.
Upload the Munzee app

Scan this QR code to receive your first 50 points compliments of Geocaching Central.

Set you filter to ACTVATE ALL TYPES then go have some fun.