Operation Superheroes Commercials

                             The Tick                                                              'Found It' Man                                            Far Greater Than Muggle Men

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The Official Trackable

'Heroes in a Half Shell' will be the official 'Operation Superheroes' trackable. Click on the turtles to log it.
Cache Creating Guidelines


1.) Your hide must be themed to the current project subject.

2.) You may use the container type and size of your choice.

​3.) You may make it any cache type you want.


1.) Submit your geocache hide page to your local reviewer by no later than 21 days prior to the publishing date of the current cache hide project.

2.) Include the following note to your reviewer:

"The cache IS NOT ready to be published yet. This geocache is part of a series that will be published on April 28th, 2024 @ 8am. If everything checks out, please set up the geocache for publishing at that time." 

Note: Include other reviewer information about your hide such as container description and how it was hidden. 

4,) Use the current project prefix OPERATION SUPERHEROES at the 
beginning of the title of your geocache hide to identify it as part of the geocache series.

Note 1: When you submit the cache page, make sure it is completed because when the reviewer sets up the publishing timer for the current promotion, they will lock the cache page and no further changes can be made until it’s published.

Note 2: The publishing time will be 8am no matter what time zone you are in.
What to do When 
Your Geocache Gets Published?

On the day your geocache is published, email the cache page link to geocachingcentral@aol.com. At that time your cache hide will be added to the official Bookmark List for the project. 
Cache Hider's Participant Badge

All cachers who hide at least 1 geocache for the current project and have it published on the project's mass publishing date, will receive a digital participatant's badge that can be displayed on their geocaching account  profile page. After your published hide has been place on the Bookmark List (see above), your badge will be emailed to you.
Send in a Photo

When your container is completed for the current project, email 1 image to geocachingcentral@aol.com along with your geocache name and the state/province and country you live in. All container images will be displayed in the project's image gallery.
OPERATION Worldwide Cache Hide is brought to you 
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Cache Page Project Logo

Download the logo below and insert it at the bottom of your cache page to identify your hide as part of the project.
Current Project


Select the Superhero(s) of your choice 
from any type of media and create a 
themed geocache to be published on

Sunday, April 28th, 2024 at 8am
"National Superhero Day."

Updates & News

04.10.2024 - ATTENTION! Above you will find an updated Cache Page Project Logo for the bottom of your cache page. Please use the new version as per Geocaching HQ.

04.09.2024 - 2 new containers from Little TRACKS of New York, USA and grwn of South Carolina, USA have been added to the gallery.

04.06.2024 - The Tick has visited the container gallery courtesy of Jimrky from Kentucky, USA. Click on the camera icon above.

03.31.2024 - Check out this great geocaching video by gsmX2, complete with rattlesnake encounter and OPERATION Superheroes commercial.

03.27.2024 - Check out the creativity of the container submitted by GrammieC from New York USA. Click the camera icon above to see the gallery.

Unicamaro, from somewhere in the multiverse, has added an AWESOME container to the image gallery.

OPERATION Worldwide Cache Hide t-shirts are on sale for $13 until March 25th. Come on.... You know you want one. Pick your favorite color and get it done.

03.12.2024 - An AWESOME travel bug motel container has been added to the image gallery by the Lewis Family from Arizona USA. Click on the camera icon above to see.

02.28.2024 - Thank you to PaHawkeye from Pennsylvania USA and starryari from Wisconsin USA for hosting OPERATION Superhero cache building events.  All event hosts receive a special badge for their geocaching profile pages. Get further details above if you'd like to be an event host too.

02.18.2024 - Zumby65 from California, USA has placed another container image into the Image Gallery. Click on the camera icon above to see.

02.15.2024 - Another commercial siting. This time on a magplanner video. Check out his great presentation here.

02.10.2024 - Vlogger gmsX2 has put out a great video that includes one of the OPERATION Superheroes commercials in it. You can watch the video here.

02.09.2024 - There have been some inquiries from hiders asking if Superhero Villains qualify for this project as well. The answer to this question is, the object of OPERATION Worldwide Cache Hide is to encourage creativity, to have fun, and to grow the geocaching map with quality hides. You may interpret the theme as you like. 

02.05.2024 - The Podcacher podcast makes Operation Superheroes fly high. Listen here.

02.04.2024 - Cache Canada, geocaching vloggers produced a great video promoting Operation Superheroes. Watch it here.

02.01.2024 - Help spread the word by hosting and OPERATION Worldwide Cache Hide - Superheroes Edition event during the month of February and March. Event hosts (the caching name the event was published under) will receive a digital badge to display on their geocaching profile page. To claim your badge 1.) Have 'OPERATION Superheroes' contained in the title of your event. 2.) When the event is published, send the event page link to geocachingcentral@aol.com. Note: 1 digital badge per geocaching name.

01.24.2024 - Operation Worldwide Cache Hide t-shirts are on sale for $14 until January 27th.

01.23.2024 - Who wants to look good making the hide in your OPERATION Worldwide Cache Hide t-shirt? 23 different colors to choose from, black or white font colors, and 2 different styles of shirts to select. 

01.02.2024 - Our second container image has been submitted by Rathergohiking from Texas. I must say it's quite dynamic. Click on the camera icon above to see it.

11.03.2023   - The official project name has been changed from Project Superheroes to OPERATION SUPERHEROES.

10.01.2023 - The first container image has been placed in the Image Gallery by Zumby65 from California, USA. Click on the camera icon to view.

09.27.2023 - Congratulations to youngoldfella from Queensland, Australia whose Pirate Project cache has received a staggering 51 favorite points in just the first week. In addition to that, the cache was selected by Geocaching HQ as Geocache of the Week.

09.19.2023 Welcome to the official OPERATION Worldwide Cache Hide information center. This will be the hub for future cache hide projects.

For those of you who were involved in the Pirate Project and enjoyed the adventure, "Operation Superhero" will be our next undertaking. This project will be published on April 28th, 2024, which is National Superhero Day. 

Welcome to OPERATION Worldwide Cache Hide. The purpose of this site is to bring together geocachers from around the world to hide creative caches that will be mass-published on a specific day. This project is designed to promote creativity, community interaction, and some good old fashion fun. Below you will find all the details you need to know in order to participate.
Get your official T-SHIRT
(multiple colors)

"If you hide it, they will come."

Event Host Personalized Badge

Help spread the word about the current project by hosting an event. Event hosts (the caching account the event is published under) will receive a digital personalized host's badge to proudly display on their geocaching account profile page. To claim your badge, do the following:

1.) Select an event date at least 1.5 months prior to the current project's  publishing date to inform potential cache hiders. 

2.) Have the Current Project name contained in the title of your event. 

3.) Insert the current Cache Page Project Logo at the bottom of your event page.

4.) When the event page is published, send the page link to geocachingcentral@aol.com

Note: Any cachers who host an event on the current project's mass cache publishing date are also eligible for the event host badge.