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The greatest treasure hunt of all.

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​What better way to launch a new website then to have a contest. There are 4 trackables hidden on this web site. Find all 4 and send their tracking codes along with your name to:​ 

All correct entries will be put into a drawing and the winner will receive an unactivated travel bug dog tag to send out into the world.

Winner will be announced on
 May 1st, 2018.
Sir Drumalot has been added to the VLOGGERS section. FTF Magazine has also been added to the APPS section. Hoagie's Gifted Education Page has been added to the INTERNET TOOLS section.

Check out the great products at JP's GeoDesigns.

A new Cliff Knowles geocaching mystery novel has been published.

Check out the great prize giveaway brought to you by PodCacher - The World Famous Website all about Geocaching and Going Caching, the amazing Georgia-based geocaching event

Planetary Pursuit has been extended to April 15th. The Wherigo Foundation has been added to the WHERIGO section.

2 web sites have been added to the MISCELLANEOUS section, Geocaching Unlimited and Retired Guy.

Halo Top Creamery is giving out 1500 Trackables to be released throughout the United States. Send in a request by April 9th to be one of the lucky ones to receive a trackable.

Happy Easter to all. A new poll has been posted. The April geo-challenge of the month hosted by Cache Advance and the Geocaching Vlogger has been published.

Here are the Mega Events for April: Belgium - BRUGSE BEER VIII - April 7,  United States - MOGA 2018, April 14, Spain - La Agüela, April 27, Czech Republic - MeMe 2018 - April 28, 

Web site 'Cacher's Stats' has been added to the INTERNET TOOLS section.

Geocoins from the movie Treasure are now available.

The Sarpy County Gadget Cache Trail in Nebraska has been added to the GEOTOURS section.

Geocaching Central would like to welcome Kent from Hamburg, New York to the wonderful world of geocaching.

Geocaching Hampton Roads, Virginia has be added to the SOCIAL MEDIA section.

'SNAP!!! geocaching' has been added to the BLOGGERS section.

A new Norwegian podcast, GeoPod Norge has been added to the PODCASTS section. I.B. Geocaching Supplies has been added to the TRACKABLES section.

Check out the Geocaching Junkie's explanation of the Planetary Pursuit Challenge. It will answer any questions you may have.

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