or Nancy, her given name, is the one who discovered the sport. She sets up the caching adventures, downloads the cache information into Geepers (the GPS) and keeps the team's backpack loaded with supplies. Nancy drives the cachemobile over hill, over dale and often times, the dusty trail. She also designs, produces and maintains all of the 288 plus cache hides that are owned by the Deadliest Cachers.

 She recently retired from the largest toy store in the world, which was a perfect fit to her claim of being just a 'big kid' at heart. In addition to geocaching, Nancy enjoys writing, graphic arts and studying the Bible. Read her story.

or Marie as most people call her, is Nancy's sister. Marie is in charge of keeping track of the cache finds. She is also the one with the rope. Her keen eye and superior intelligence (which she never let's anyone forget that she has) is often instrumental in zeroing in on those hard to spot caches that can drive some one crazy. Also being a mathematical wizard, Marie solves a lot of the puzzle caches.

Marie is a retired school teacher. In her free time she  enjoys  gardening, gourmet cooking and studying the Bible.​
We are the Deadliest Cachers...
a 'sister act' + one from Western New York USA.

The Deadliest Cachers have been geocaching since August 2011, with over 3400 finds and 314 hides. They have attended many Mega Events which include MOGA, GeoWoodstocks, the ASPGBs and Going Caching, so you may have seen them around. Starting in 2014 they have held a yearly themed event/challenge for the enjoyment of their local geocaching community. In past years event goers have been taken on a Journey to the Center of the Earth, partnered with Indiana Jones to locate the Deadliest Cache, been marooned on Pork Chop Island, have had to brave things that go bump in the night during Super Sci-Fi Saturday Night, had to find the Christmas that was stolen by the Grinch and have Gone Batty at Como Lake Park.  The DC also have many cache series out in the field which include The Trekkie Trail, The Dr. Seuss Series, The Wendt Beach Crazy Crab Series, The Gauntlet of Cachos Series and the Creepy Cache Series. They enjoy placing cleverly hidden caches and also finding geocaches with unique containers. If you are ever in Western New York be sure to look them up and say, "hi."

Geocaching Central is a way for the DC to give something back to the world-wide geocaching community. The site was designed as an access hub for all things related to geocaching. Visitors are invited to submit their favorite links to keep the directory growing with all of the latest information about the unique world of geocaching. ​

The Mega directory of web sites for all things related to geocaching.

Geocaching Central
or Sheeanne as named by her mom and dad. She is the newest member of the team and is currently mastering the art of geocaching. Her training includes manipulating the Cachly app, learning how to spot geopiles and practicing the art of stealth around muggles. In April of 2019 Sheeanne traveled to Tiawan on vacation and dropped her first ever travel bug so we can have fun watching it on its adventure. 

In her free time she enjoys  swimming, drawing, arts & crafts and reading.
Videos featuring our geocache hides...
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Adventures with Dan
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Adventures with Dan
Stinger (Nancy) meets vloggers,
the 3 Happy Campers at Going Caching 2019
3 Happy Campers
Stinger (Nancy) is interviewed by
Derek Baker of YouTube channel, 
Behind the Cache

Videos meeting geocaching celebrities...
Cache America with Brian and Ronna
Legend of the Bear Man GC8RQA1  
Cache America with Brian and Ronna
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Kneel More's Cache Tales
Stinger (Nancy) takes Joshua, The Geocaching Vlogger down to the world-famous earthcache located at 
the Eternal Flame Falls 
The Geocaching Vlogger